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Morven March 28th 1840

Dear Ann I have not refrained from writing to you because you have been so negligent in doing so me for I would not be ceremonious with you, and as I am so dilatory myself in that way can make some excuse for you particularly as you are surrounded by a young family I had a letter from Jane yesterday she says when they last heard from you. you had not decided whether you would be here to attend the convention, if not I hope it will be soon after, when we will have a long talk at present I cannot write much I feel [illegble], your mother and myself have just come from the house of mourning our kind friend and neighbor Mr. John Roys is no more, he had been ill several days but they thought he was getting better as he walked about the house and I believe out of doors, a few hours before his death was a great shock to his bereaved family and poor Elizabeth away from them your Anne Coleman [illegible} here a host time since on her way to Petersburgh to visit Mary. Capt Carter Margaret and daughter Ann accompanied her I expect they will return in time for the convention. We heard from Fanny quite lately. She seems delighted with her residence in St. Louis she sent me a kind in