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Morven 28th August 1840 My dear Anne I deerly recd. your kind letter of the 17th July last, and should larger go have replyed to it, but as [illegible] then as now I had so little of anything knew to inform you, I put off from time to time to write until now, I was very sorry to hear you returnd home so unwell, for I had hoped your trip here would have finally resulted in an agreeable one, and that might have [illegible] you and your good husband with all the little ones to travel again visited us at some future day when most agreeable to your selves, for it would always be pleasing to us, but I will no [more?] of business can not often later such trips, I am glad to hear you all got home safely and had such agreeable company in the way which is allways very pleasant, we have had much sickness among the negroes since you left her and one severe case of feavour, Isabella Kittys daughter of 10. or 12 years old has been confined to her bed for 3 or 4 weeks and is not now able to sit up, tho we we think her as the [mum?], your sister Elizabeth got so alarmed that she left here three weeks ago for Starmton to pay a visit to [illegible] [Kinney?] and returned through Chaldswell a few days ago, and went on direct to Richmond where I hope she arrived safe last Wednesday night, and found it more healthy in her [imminagition?],