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AH [Daniel? Nathl Nelson Thos [McKilery?] & Wm G [Kratz?]

I Isaac Brocke sergeant in [illegible] Richd Jones's company do hereby certify that being ordered to [illegible] move the [illegible] baggage from Glos'ter court house to [capt?] Sinclair's on Severn river, in loading the cast the horse took fright ran off and caught Mr Dixons man Ben between the body of the cart and the wheel which threw him down and the wheel ran over his leg and snapt it in two. The said Ben was employd as driver to the baggage cart- This accident took place on the [1st?] day of April last. Given under my hand this thirteenth of Decr 1813. Isaac Brocke I do hereby certify that I was present when Mr Dixons man Ben had his leg broke and that he was employed as above stated Thos F Fable I was present when the above resident hapend and that the above named servant was [implied?] and above Saml Pointer