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Glostr family 27th December 1813. Some time the latter end of March or begining of April last, a negro man Ben, the property of Mr [Jno?] Dixon of this County, was employed with a Horse & cart, in conveying [provisiery?] Baggage & for a company of [illegible], ordered from the court house, to the lower end of Sovern river, of Robber's Check, and recieved by geting his leg entangled in the spokes of the wheel, in consequence of the horse being alarmed, & running off, [much?] a compound fracture of the leg, & separation or dislodgement of one of the bones of the leg, from those of the Heel & Foot as will render him not only uselefs but [Tax?] and Encumberance, to his master, for the [illegible] of his life.