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[left page blank] Bi-12

Glostr family 27th December 1813. Some time the latter end of March, or begining of April last, a negro man Ben, the property of Mr Jno Dixon of this County, was employed with a Horse & cart, in conveying Provisions, Baggage &c. for a company of Militia, ordered from the Court House, to the lower end of Severn River, or Robbins's [Robins] Neck; and recieved by geting his leg entangled in the spokes of the wheel, in consequence of the horse being alarmed, & running off, such a compound fracture of the leg, & separation or dislodgement of one of the bones of the leg, from those of the Heel & Foot, as will render him not only useless but a Tax and Encumberance, to his master, for the Balance of his life. Bi-13