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In this case, every Effort has been made, & every Hope entertained, of preserving the Limb, & restoring him to its use; but unfortunately, the injury to the parts, from the Nature of the Fracture, & the Laceration of the ankle, has produced such an unusual Degree of Enlargement, & such frequent Escapes of splintered Bones, as will in our Opinion, defeat every prospect of having them realized. Under these circumstances one thing only can be done, which is, the Amputation of the limb; and of which, should he recover, his ultimate value, will not in our opinion, amount to an equivalent, for the expences already incured by Mr. Bi-14

Dixon; independent of the additional expenses, trouble, & risque, necessarily attendant upon the operation. We have long known this servant, in the several Qualities of gardener, ostler, & carriage driver, & believe him to have been worth, at the time, that he received the injury, as much as most negroes of that description. W Taliaferro Wm G Wiatt Surg [Mate?] 21st Regr Geo: Va Mita Bi-15