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This indenture made This 21 day of May in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and thirty five between Robert Drewny John Denegres and Harry Holleman overseers of the poor for and in the county of Southampton of the one part, and Harriss Holleman of said county, of the other part, witnesseth, that the said Harris Holleman Robert Drewny and John Denegres overseers of the poor as aforesaid, by virtue of this office have pact, placed and bound, and by these presents do pact, place and bind Abideen Bailey (fn) the son of Irena Bailey (fn) now of this county of Southampton, said Abideen Bailey was born July 10th eighteen hundred and thirty two, to be an apprentice with him the said Harriss Holleman, and as an apprentice with him the said Harriss Holleman to dwell from the date of these presents, untill the said Abideen Bailey; shall come to the age of twenty one years, according to the act of the general assembly in that case made and provided. By and during all which time and term, the said Abideen Bailey, shall the said Harriss Holleman his said master, well and faithfully serve in all such lawful business as the said Abideen shall be put unto by his said master, according to the power, wit and ability of him the said Abideen, and honestly and obediently in all this shall behave himself towards his said master, and honestly and orderly towards the rest of the family of the said Harriss Holleman. and the said Harriss