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This deed made the 22nd day of June 1866 between John O Beaty one of the overseers of the poor of Warren County of one part and Benjamin P. Sillman of said county of the other part. Whereas the county court of Warren County at the June term of 1866 ordered that one of the overseers of the poor of said county do bind out Haywood Smith a freed boy as an apprentice to the said Benjamin P. Sillman to learn the business of a farmer, the said Haywood being eleven years of age on 1st day of February last, and orphan child of Lydia Smith decd formerly a slave of Robertson [Way?] decd, it appearing to the court that the said boy is likely to become chargeable to the county, and the said court also ordered that for the services of the said apprentice for the last year the said Sillman shall pay him the sum of seventy five dollars when he arrives to the age of twenty one years .