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This indenture made this eight day of August seventeen hundred and eighty six. Witnessith that Richard Foster, William Porter, and Joseph Parks, overseers of the poor in Prince Edward County, in district No. 4. by and with the consent and order of the court of the said county of Prince Edward, have put and placed and by these presents do put and place, Patty Howel, a molatto girl three years old the twenty fourth of February last, to James Frazer, of the county aforesaid to dwell with him, and to serve him from the date hereof till she shall arrive to the age of eighteen years, during which time her said master she shall faithfully serve, in all his lawfull business, to the best of her power and ability, she shall not damage her said masters goods, nor see it done by others without giving him notice thereof, but shall in all things honestly and obediently demean her self during the said term. And the said James Frazer, for him self his heirs, Exors. admrs. and assigns, doth covenant