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This indenture made this 13th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two between William Smith of the City of Richmond of the first part and Hudson M. ??feld, of the second part and Jolly V. Cross of this county of Hanover of the third part. Whereas the said William Smith is justly indebted to the said Jolly v Cross in the sum of three hundred dollars by Bond [illegible] date. With these presents which said sum of money the said William Smith is willing and desirous to secure to Jolly v Cross his [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] or assigns and by this [illegible] of trust doth hereby Bargain and sell unto the said Hudson U [Wingfeld?] his heirs [Execus?] [adm?] two negroes to wit, Mana and Judith with their future increase and for the further consideration of the sum of five dollars in hand paid the said William Smith by the said Hudson U [Wingfeld?], the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged & hath bargained and sold to the Hudson U [Wingfeld?] his [Execs?] & [adm?] the before named slaves with the future increase unto him the said Hudson U [Wingfeld?] or his [Execus?] & [adms?]. Upon the further trust that the said Hudson U [Wingfeld?] shall permit the said William Smith to hold quiet and peaceable [illegible] of the said negros [Maria] and Judith [until?] [illegible] be made in the payment of the said sum of three hundred dollars with the interest thereon accrued, to the said Jolly v Cross his heirs Exec adm or assigns and further that the said Hudson U [Wingfeld?] at the request of the said Jolly v Cross his heirs Exec or adm or assigns after the happening of the [defalt?] of payment of the said money herein before mentioned shall proceed to sell to the highest bidder for ready money after advertising [for thirty days in one of the newspapers published in Richmond] the time and place of sale of the same or such of them as may be sufficient to pay off and discharge the said three hundred dollars and as aforesaid which said sum the said Hudson U [Wingfield} shall pay over to the said Jolly v Cross his heirs exec adm or assigns and the balance of any shall pay to the said William Smith after paying the expenses of said sale in witness whereof the parties to these present have hereunto set their and hand and affixed their seals the