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The Honorable the General Assembly of Va Your petitioner Flora Jones a free woman of Color respectfully represents to your Honorable body that she was under the provisions of the last will and testament of J. J. H. Gunnell of Jefferson County, purchased by said Gunnells executor and emancipated along with several other slaves of the same family as your Petitioner. Your Petitioner is tired of the condition of a freed woman and prefers to be again a slave. She desires to became the slave and to make her infant child the slave of the aforesaid Gunnells niece Mrs Annie E Unger wife of Dr S L Unger. As this cannot be done without the special aid of Your honorable body she prays such legislation as may be necessary to accomplish the purpose aforesaid and as in duty bound will ever pray Flora Jones her mark The above was signed by the said Flora Jones and she adheres to all its declarations in our presence after being cautioned of its effect Wm. Hy. Dees Benj Tomlinson