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Joyce Raiford Letter to Fletcher Raiford, 5 July 1939 {Post Card with Green One Cent Postage Stamp with Washington's Head in profile} Postcard Cancellation reflects: Brunswick, GA July 5, 1939, 3 PM) TEXT of Postcard Description: THE MUNICIPAL VISITORS CLUB OF BRUNSWICK, GA, is operated by the Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of Visitors to Coastal Georgia. This building contains industrial exhibits, descriptive maps and photographic scenes of the historic points. Information may be obtained on hunting, fishing, golf and other recreational facilities. No charges are made to visitors for this service. TEXT: We're going to St. Simon's to see about a cottage for the week -- The salt air has already gotten in our hair! It's beautiful down here -- This is the deep South! Love, Woman Wednesday morning ADDRESSEE: F. L. Raiford Company D R.O.T.C. Camp Carlisle Barracks Pa.