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This Indenture made this day of January Anno Domini One Thousand eight hundred and thirty five Witnesseth that Joseph Slagle and James P. Riley Overseers of the poor for the County of Frederick and Commonwealth of Virginia have put Apprentice to John White of said County Jerry a Boy of colour of the aforesaid County with him the said John White to serve after the manner of an Apprentice from the 27 day of August last until the term of three years be completed & ended during such term the said Apprentice his Master shall serve his secrets keep his lawful commands everywhere obey he shall do no damage to his Master nor suffer it to be done by others without giving notice thereof to his Master he shall not waste his said Masters goods nor lend them unlawfully to any he shall not contract matrimony within the said term he shall not absent himself day nor night from his said Masters service without leave, but in all things he shall as a faithful Apprentice behave himself towards his Master and all his during the said term and the said Master during the said term shall by all means he can teach or cause to be taught the said Apprentice the trade or profession of a Farmer and also to provide for said apprentice sufficient Meat drink Clothing and lodging fit for an Apprentice and also at the expiration of said term a freedom suit worth Twelve dollars, For the true performance of all and singular the said covenants & agreements where of the said parties bind themselves unto the other by these presents. Jas Slagle {Seal} Jas P Riely {Seal} Jno White {Seal}