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This Indenture made this [illegible] of January Anno Domini One Thousand [illegible] hundred and Thirty [four?] [illegible] [illegible] [that?] Joseph [illegible] and James P. [Riley?] Overseer of the poor for the County of Frederick and Commonwealth of [illegible] have [illegible] Apprentice to John White of said County Jerry ~ a Boy of colour aforesaid County with him the said John White to [illegible] [illegible] the [illegible] [illegible] Apprentice from the 27 day [illegible] until the term of three years be [completed?] & [illegible] [during?] such him the said Apprentice his Master shall such his secrets keep his [illegible] [commands?] everywhere obey he shall do no damage to her Master nor suffer [illegible] be [some?] by [other?] without [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [to?] his Master he shall not [weasle?=] his said Master [good?] nor [illegible] them [unfaithfully?] to any he shall not absent himself day nor night from his said Master service without leave, but in all [thing?] he shall as [illegible] Apprentice behave himself towards his Master and all his during the said term and the said Master during the said [him?] shall by all means he can [illegible] or cause to be [taught?] the said Apprentice the [illegible] or [illegible] of a Farmer and also [to?] [illegible] said apprentice [supplement?] [Meet?] [illegible] Clothing and [illegible] [illegible] for an Apprentice and also [at?] the [illegible] of said [illegible] a [illegible] such worth Twelve dollars, For the [illegible] [illegible] in [illegible] of all and singular the said covenants & agreements [other?] of the said [hashes?] [illegible] [illegible] unto the other by these [illegible].

[illegible] [James P. Riley?] [Joe Whale?]