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This Indenture, made the 24th of November in the year of our Lord, one thousand eighteen hundred and 42, between Isaac Russele & Joseph Slagle by virtue of authority vested in them as Overseers of the Poor of Frederick County; as also by virtue of an order of the Corporation Court of Winchester dated November Court, 1842, of the one part, and Samuel Brown of the Corporation of Winchester of the other part -- Witnesseth: That the said Isaac Russele and Joseph Slagle hath put and placed Thomas a free Negro Boy aged Eight years, in April 1843 Apprentice to the said Samuel Brown with him after the manner of an Apprentice to serve from this 24th day of Nov 1842 until he attain the age of twenty-one years, which will be in April 1856, during which term the said Apprentice his Master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful commands every where gladly obey. He shall do no damage to his said master, nor suffer it to be done by others, without letting or giving notice thereof to his said master. He shall not waste his said master's goods, nor lend them unlawfully to any; he shall not commit fornication, nor contract matrimony within the said term; at cards, dice, or any other unlawful game he shall not play, whereby his master may have damage. With his own, nor the goods of others, during the term, without license from his said master, he shall neither buy or sell. He shall not absent himself day or night from his said master's service, without leave, nor haunt ale-houses, taverns or play-houses; but in all things, as a faithful Apprentice, he shall behave himself towards his said master and all his, during the said term; and the said master during the said term, shall by all means he can, teach or cause to be taught, the said Apprentice, the Trade or Profession of a and also to provide for said Apprentice, sufficient Meat, Drink Clothing, and Lodging fitting for an Apprentice, The said Brown agreeing to pay on the years in which he shall reach the age of Thirteen years the sum of five Dollars an additional sum of five Dollars for Each successive year thereafter untill he shall arrive at the age of Twenty one years the said Sum of Money. Except for the last year to be paid to the Overseer of the poor, and the amount due on the last year, which will be forty Dollars, to be paid to the said Boy Thomas For the time performance of all and singular the said covenant and agreement Either of the said parties bind themselves unto the other by these presents Isaac Russele (Seal) Jas Slagle (Seal) Samuel Brown (Seal) Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of