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Wednesday, Sept. 1944

Dear Son, "Hi there," and how are you feeling today? Fine I hope - as for me, I am feeling O.K. Forgive me for waiting so long to answer your nice letter - you see we moved last Monday, the 4th, to 218 W. 29th St., and I have been quite busy, getting fixed and cooking. We have a bedroom, kitchen and small living room - it isn't very fancy but it lets one room and it doesn't cost anymore a month either. The lady that owns the house is a wido and she lives there alone - she is a great talker and can talk your arm off but otherwise she is O.K. She has been very nice to us. Mark Alcorn, the soldier I met about a month ago, came to see us Tuesday. He is the only visitor we have had so far. Did I tell you that [Elston?] has called