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Third Combat Cargo Squadron JKM/ak APO #433 C/O Postmaster New York, N. Y. 29 November 1944 Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Spangler Sr. 159 Maple Street, Pulaski, Virginia. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Spangler: It is with extreme regret that I write concerning the death of your son, Corporal Peter W. Spangler Jr, 13118844. The news was a source of sorrow to the entire Squadron. I know that there is no real consolation at this time. The memories of the past and hopes for the future are ended with the greatest finality in or human experience. These few things though I hope you will allow me to say, and possibly at some future reading you may derive a little more consolation from them. Your son died in the greatest struggle in which his country has ever been engaged. He was performing a task for which at this particular time there is no substitute. Corporal Spangler is buried near the scene of the crash in Burma, where he was doing such important work. He was a good soldier and well liked by the other men. His loss will be felt keenly. This organization will never be completely the same without your son and the brave men who died with him. However, the other men who have lived, worked, and flown with them will never forget them. If in the future I myself or the Third Combat Cargo Squadron can aid you in any way, we will be honored to do so. Sincerely, John K. Moriarty Major, Air corps, Commanding.