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things didn't work out - It being Memorial Day, Mother has more than one person ought to have to do, and she just had an abscessed tooth pulled Tuesday and is going back for more work - Not that I helped her with anything - I've just done everything for the Baybee - I do want to see Addison about cod-liver oil for her again - He hasn't said any more about it, so I'm going to remind him that she will be 6 weeks old tomorrow - Aren't you glad to see Friday come? It has certainly been a long week to me - I remember that all day Monday I felt like I was facing a whole month! But do you realize that "church is out" almost, as you put it? For goodness' sake, don't let the thoughts of the little slip of paper in July dampen your spirits now! Just think, your worst set of exams is over -- you'll never have to take that many again -- and that Day you've been looking forward to has come! Certainly is a wonderful feeling -- This has been a lean week for me as far as correspondence is concerned -- No delivery today on account of Memorial Day - so I've had one letter - yesterday -- Well, next week will be here soon -- then I won't need any letters -- thank goodness!