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-18- pass on. The regiment was shocked and grieved to learn this morning that Colonel Peyton had been relieved of command and ordered to report to Paris for duty as Commander of the Military Section of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace. We knew it was an honor for him but a great loss to us. A wonderful man, a great leader, respected and admired by all. I will miss him greatly as I may have been under his command since reporting to the Officer's Training Camp at Fort Myer. To me he is idea, a man of wonderful build, carries himself well, a great organizer, a strict disciplinarian, a leader who was understood and followed without question by men under his command. March 25th, and I have just returned from a week end trip to Paris. While there I met Colonel Peyton at Henri's and he wants me to come there with him. Of course I jumped at the idea and am now highly elated over the prospects and am already getting ready to move. March 28th and I have received my oders [sic] to report to the Commanding General of Paris for assignment to duties there. I am ready to leave now but the gang wants me to stay over for a dinner they are giving me tonight. The next morning - yes, I stayed and it was a success as far as parties go, but I am wreck. Everything that the local market supplies to eat was there and the allotment of champagne was two quart bottles for each of us. It was a great party. Major Claypool (the Regimental Physician) felt so fine he wanted to fly. He was playing birdie and riding a broomstick