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-21- some points of interest were hard to locate, but I succeeded in 1 cating all and getting pictures which will be a lasting memory when time and later events will have dulled my memory. September 1st. I have received my orders for returning home and am leaving tonight for Brest where I hope to make an early departure as I am classed as a casual and will not have a detail of men attached. September 3rd. On board the New Amsterdam and will pull anchor and head for home tonight. What a contrast from the ship I came over on The Amsterdam is still a passenger ship under the Dutch flag and it is only through some special arrangements that she docked here and took about six hundred on. while waiting in Brest I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lieutenant Russell, our signal officer, who was gassed and left us at Nantillois. We had a great time fighting it all over again. Along with the other passengers is Mr. Brand Whitlock, Ambassador to Belgium. Our trip over has been one of pleasure, plenty of nurses and other female workers on board to help pass the time away, and such crap shooting and black jack playing - just any limit. One Lieutenant was over $3,000 winner the first night and in two days he was broke and had borrowed all that he could. Home again in the U.S.A. We docked at 11:30 P.M. September 11th and we then got a tax to the McAlpin where we spent the night. We were up early the next morning so as to get our baggage out before they searched it and then went to Camp Dix. I