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The Training Station News THE NEWSPAPER OF THE U.S. NAVAL TRAINING STATION NORFOLK, VIRGINIA VOLUME XIV SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1936 NUMBER 36. PLATOONS 52 AND 54 LEAD STAR COMPETITION THIS WEEK CGM ALMOND AND HIS MEN HAVE THREE STARS For the last week's Star Assignment, platoons 52 and 54 came out on top with a tie mark of 3.9868. This week's star for platoon 52 puts them far ahead with a total of three for ahead with a total of three for their period of training. Platoon-Commander J. G. Almond, CGM, evidently has his platoon running in true form. And again the lads of 52 can throw out their chests. Congratulations are also extended to Platoon-Commander J. R. Davenport, CGM, of platoon 54. This week's star gives his platoon a total of two. They have a chance to try for another this week. Both platoons are in Company B. Platoon 56, with the fine of work of CSM, Zwhalen, broke through to win their second (Continued on page four.)

RED CROSS DRIVE GOES OVER THE TOP The twentieth annual roll call of the American Red Cross Society went over the top on the base to the tune of almost $500. One thousand dollars was expected. Last year we fell short contributing only $946.00, but this year we exceeded it, reaching a total of $1,469.00. This was due to a greater enthusiasm on the part of all concerned and a more systematic method of collecting memberships. The Naval Air Station and the Training Station more than doubled their last year's con- (Continued on page four.)

Boots Defeat N. Y. Maries In Benefit Football Game Naval Training Station Scores in Last Quarter When Kuzma Tackles Beliberto Behind Marines' Goal The Training Station Football Team pulled in the only score of the game with the Navy Yard Marines last Saturday afternoon in the middle of the final quarter when the Navy lost the ball on the final stripe to the Marines. It was the Marines' ball, and Beliberto, halfback, started a long run around right end, when Kuzma, Naval Training Station left end, plunged through and tackled the Marine behind the goal line for a safety that netted two points for the Navy. Both teams were well represented by their bands and cheering section. The band from the U. S. S. Arkansas played for the Marines. The Navy goat and the Marine bull dog were paraded around the field before the game and between halves. The game was hard fought ant the Boots apparently had the "edge." The Naval Training Station made several marches down the field, but were always stopped when they reached the 10-yard stripe. It (Continued on page three.)

DANCE TO BE HELD IN HISTORY BUILDING A dance will be held on Friday evening at 8:30 o'clock in the History Building. This dance is to be given under the auspices of the Hostess House. Erase your worries (if any), shipmates, by stepping the light fantastic with your lady love next Friday night. A nice slippery deck where you can practice all your latest steps (on the deck, not on the toes). And say, the orchestra is one of the best in the Service. Some fun, Shipmates, some fun. We'll be seeing you. Yes, next Friday evening at the History Building.

TRAINING STATION QUINT TO PLAY ROANOKE The National Business College of Roanoke, Va., will play the Boots' quint in the History Building next Tuesday night on the 15th of December. This College quint ranks in playing ability with the University of Virginia and William and Mary College Fives. Two years ago the Station Basketball team met the Roanoke (Continued on page three.)

LANGLEY AIRMEN ARE ON BOOTS SCHEDULE Tomorrow night the Station Basketball Team will journey to Langley Field, Va., to play against the Army Airmen Five. The Air Station at Langley Field has an notable quintet this year. The battle on Sunday night promises to be a humdinger and full of thrills from basket to basket and back-board to back-board.

NOTICE! The regular Wednesday night dances at the Hostess House have been discontinued, until further notice. Hostess House dances will be held in the History Building every other Friday night in the History Building beginning the 8th of January, 1937.

53 WINS INTER-PLATOON BOXING SHOW Platoon 53 engaged in a boxing show with platoon 54 last Tuesday afternoon beginning at 3:30 p.m. Platoon 53 won five of the six bouts. In the first bout Hanfiak, 125 lbs, platoon 54, tossed enough leather at Kidd, 128 lbs. platoon 53, to win an easy decision. In the second bout Bridges, 130 lbs, platoon 53, won a close decision from Sugden, 130 lbs, platoon 54. McSalliard, 138 lbs, platoon 53, took the agressive immediately in his bout with Bandurant, 132 lbs., platoon 54. Bandurant found the storm too rough and fell before the vigorous onslaught of McSalliard. The referee stopped the bout in the first round and awarded the victory to McSalliard on a technical knockout. Hamilton, 147 lbs, platoon 53, sent many crushing right hand swings to the jaw of Howe, 147 (Continued on page three.)