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The Training Station News 3 53 Wins Boxing Show (Continued from page one.) lbs., platoon 54, that sent the blonde game-hearted youngster to the canvas for the nine count in the first round. Howe rallied in the second round that kept Hamilton back on his heels with stiff jabs. Hamilton again nailed Howe with deadly hooks in the last round that put him ahead in the fighting score. The referee awarded the decision to Hamilton. Wolfe, 155 lbs. platoon 53, was too much for Magee, 155 lbs., platoon 54. Wolfe won by a technical knockout. Freeman, 155 lbs., platoon 53, fought a very good bout with Germana, 155 lbs., platoon 54. This bout was a torrid and slam-banging fest that had Germana draped across the ropes several times, but somehow or other the game fighter from platoon 54 hung on and readily absorbed more punishment. Germana would have won this fight, if he had used his left hand to