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                                               The Training Station News
  Platoon 53 Drills Well
  At the game between the Navy Yard Marines and the Boots last Saturday Platoon 53 performed a ten-minute silent fancy drill between halves. 
  The men of the Platoon, with one week's training under the instruction of Nestor, CBM, performed excellently.
   The spectators at the game made many favorable comments on the snappiness and smartness of the Platoon and the manner in which the drill was executed. Good work, Platoon 53!

Navy T. M. C. A. Activities Saturday, 12 December 7:30 PM Informal Social around the Piano. 8:15 PM Dancing in the Social Hall-2nd Deck Sunday. 13 December 6:00 PM Forum Hour: Supper served by Y-Anna Circle NO. 4. Mrs. A. P. Osborne, Leader. Speaker: Dean Wm. T. Hodges, W. & M. (Norfolk Division). Topic: "The Rockefeller Restoration at Williamsburg." Tuesday, 15 December 8:00 PM Variety Vodvil and Boxing Program in the Gymnasium 1. Hazel Barr, Gladys Lawrence, Bettie Anne Wahman, with Charles O'Conner in: "Is It True What They Say About Dixie?" 2. Doris Waller, Tap Special ty; 3. Erline Ellison, Songstress; 4. Ginger Wilkinson, Tiny Tot Charmstress, 5. Murray Collins, Irish Melodies, 6. Mary Williams, Specialty Dance; 7. Doris Smith , Song and Dance Artist Supurb; 8. Eva May Morris and Clifton, Dance Team Extraordinary, Ruth Griswold at the Piano. Wednesday, 16 December- 7:00 PM Basketball-Receiving Station vs U.S.S Wyoming. 7:30 PM Dancing School Class for Beginners. 8:15 PM Mid-Week Dance in the Social Hall. Friday, 18 December- 8:00 PM Basketball- Naval Training Station vs. Navy Yard Marines

Completion of Training Honor Men W. H. Ridgeway, Platoon 50; W. K. Gordon, Platoon 51

    Ridgeway, Seaman Second Class, U.S. Navy Service No. 274-26-43, has been selected as Honor Man for his Platoon. After having been observed for a period of twelve weeks, Ridgeway was selected by his superiors as the outstanding man for his platoon. This selection is based upon the following qualifications: conduct, attention to duty; ability in assimilating the course of instruction, and neat personal appearance. Ridgeway is 24 years of age, was born at Hattiesburg, Miss., and received his education at the Main Street High School in that city. He was previously a soldier of the U.S. Army, and, after his enlistment expired in that Service, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy at New Orleans, La., on the 8th of September, 1936. 
     His next of kin is his mother, Mrs. Margaret Ridgeway. who resides at Moselle, Miss.
      William Kenneth Gordon was accepted into the Naval Service on the 13th of September, 1936, at Richmond, Va. He is 17 years of age, received his education at the Port Republic High School, Port Republic, Va. He has shown to his superiors that he has every qualification, which is required of the up-to-date bluejacket. His next of kin is his mother, Mrs. William Gordon, who lives at Grottoes, Va. Gordon's future plans are unknown, but it is felt that he will prove a a credit to the Navy, his family, and to himself, in view of the manner in which he applied himself at his Station. 
        The officers and enlisted men of this Station wish both these men a most enjoyable tour of sea duty. 

Melville Sailors Win Match

      The rifle team of the U.S.S. Melville, destroyer tender at San Diego, Calf.