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No 1 August County, to wit: Andrew [Vind?] a free black man, about 5 feet 8 inches high, twenty one years old the 10th day of March 1803, and bound by the Overseer of the poor in Culpeper County to William Barker by Indenture bearing date the 25th July 1798 as appears by the certificate of John Jamison Clerk of Culpeper County recorded in my office on the application of said Andrew this 20th day of July 1810. C. Hinsey [CC?]

No 2 Augusta County, to wit: Young Hill a free negro man five feet 9 inches high, straight and well made, of [illegible] copper complexion, about thirty six years old, and has a small scar on his left [hand?], supposed to have been occasioned by a burn. He was [illegible] [illegible] by Gerard Brooks of Montgomery County in the State of Maryland as appears from the certificate of J. Holmes endorsed as a deed of emancipation produced by said Hill, and [now?] in his possession which said deed bears date the 9th day of Dec. 1794 and (as appears from an endorsement thereon) [illegible] signed by [P?] Brooks Beale [(Col)?] has been recorded in the Land Office of sd County of Montgomery