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4 the certificate of Samuel M Williams clerk of the county court of Rockingham - registered in my Office this 16th day of September 1814 agreeable to an act of assembly in such case made & provided. Eras: Stribling C. C.

No. 10 Augusta County, to wit Henry Redcross a free man of colour about 25 years of age, five feet nine inches high, yellow complexion, black eyes, black hair and rather finer than common, bow legged, was born free & served his apprenticeship with David L.Garland of New Glasgow as a hostler - Registered agreeable to order of court in my office this 29th day of November 1814. Erasmus Stribling CC

No. 11 In Clerks Office of Aug Cty court Octr 24 1815 Mary a black woman about forty three years of age the 2nd day of this month; about five feet one inch high; with a scar on the right side of her head; the thumb on her right hand is much longer than the other; her neck is considerably swelled occasioned by sickness; & emancipated by Philip Kennedey the 2d of October 1804, as appears by bill recorded in the Office aforesaid; and copy granted agreeable to order of court. Henry J. Tapp DC AC