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No. 76 Renewed the 9th day of April 1828 Teste J Kinney DC Renewed by order of court October term 1838 [illegible] DC Augusta county courts clerk affair to with: Harvey Burns (son of Nancy Burn) about Frankly then years of age, black complex low, 5 feet 11 inchs high, a scar on the back of the right hand, brown fred, and now replenished in this affair, Given under my hand with the lord of the land affixed, this 24th day of November 1823

Vincent Tapp DCAC

No. 77 1857 May 2nd rend by order of court with addn description of “a scar on the nose” [D Trunker?] DC

Augusta County to wit: Peter a black man of 40 years of age, 5 fet 10 inches high of a dark complexion