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[ No?] 148. [written 90 degrees clockwise] Delvd to [Trant?] Mc[uie?] one of the exors of Saml Mc[uie?] decd.

Registered in the clerk’s office of the County court of Augusta, by an order of said court entered on the 26th March 1838- Coalter, a light mulatto aged sixteen years, a small scar at the lower edge of his left eye- emancipated by the last will and testament of Samuel [McCuree?] decd and is entitled to his freedom- given under my hand this 2nd day of April 1838. Jefferson Rinney, clk.

149 [written 90 degrees clockwise] Delvd to Trant [MCuie?] one of the Exors of Saml M[Cune?] decd