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[letterhead in type] Brown University Providence, Rhode Island

Jan. 20. 1913 My dear Miss McKemey I enclose here with a somewhat formal letter, which you may want to use separately, stating the case of the affiliated “ College for Women. I should be very glad to give you any further information which I can, if you will send me any specific prints which I may not have made clear. Mrs. Allinson asks me to thank you for your letter which has just come, and to tell you that the printed matter about the women’s college, which she promised to send you, will now reach you in a day or two. She could not give the address of your town to the registrar until she had obtained it from [Lusanne?] as she had for the moment, forgotten it. I was unable to write until to-day owing to a series of extra engagements. Wishing you success in your most commendable crusade Cordially yours Francis G. Allinson