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[in type around seal] Adam’s pure bred Boone County special white Champion white corn of Virginia (from actual photograph) [written 90 degrees clockwise] declared “pure bred” by Virginia corn growers association Winner of largest premiums in both acreage yield and quality contest

Forward to Mrs. Mumford

[in type, letterhead] “Red Oak Grove Farm” Berkley D. Adams, owner and proprietor. Red Oak, Charlotte Co., Va.

Dec. 27th 1913 Mrs. J. H Priddy Pres. Womans Club Keysville Va. Dear Madam,- I have your form of 13th inst and would have answered it before now but have been away from home part of this time, and the balance of the time I have been so busy that I could not attend to my correspondence Now as to the co-ordinate college for women I will say that I certainly favor progress in Southern educational matters particularly in Virginia, but I cannot say that I favor the proposed place for this college,