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common school system in Virginia needs a much larger appropriation from state treasury to make it effective. [illegible] the funds of the commonwealth at the disposal of the legislature are limited and I am afraid that if the new college should be established at this time that it would mean that the primary school would have to suffer to that extent certainly for some years to come It appears to me that if the building of this new college should affect the needed appropriations from primary schools that it would be a bad policy to establish it now. I believe you will agree with me that the State has made even larger appropriations the past few years for establishing new normal colleges and equipping them to all the condition of the treasury warranted considering the common school fund appropriation which has actually been decreased, the result is that while we are educating teachers our common school fund is not sufficient to enable us to pay these teachers the salary that other states pay them and they go elsewhere in great numbers I believe you will also agree with me that with this condition existing that every dollar appropriated for common school would do the children of the great mass of [tax?] pages for