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the testimony born in behalf of the said Jim Smith is not [illegible] but really so. [illegible] one of whom we know nothing, for we have known him well being his neighbors and his friends. In conclusion may it therefore please the General Assembly of Virginia - to allow the request of your humble petitioners. And we will ever pray &c [etc.]. Adam Harriss Benj. [illegible] D C Michael Nicholas Michael Senr Job Michael Rev. Moses Michael Henry Smith Esq Solomon Michael John Lemore Wm Stingley Henry Hawk Adam Coner the 2nd Jacob Casner Adam Cosner Senior Henry Cosner sec John D Michael hezakier litel Henry S. Suit John D Miles John [Hick? Thin?] Miller Esqr James McDanah Stephen McCloud

Joseph Wetzlar George [Shellath jr?] William Frazier Samuel Thomas Solomon Hawk James Miles Hannibal Pugh Jno C. B. Mullin