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Virginia, fc.Francis Fauquier Efq; his Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour, and Commander in Chief of the said Colony and Dominion: To John [Husehinsg?], William [Jiry?], George Veal James Webb, William [Atehiuon?], [Mixuhese?] Godfrey, John [Jatson?], John [Hutehinge?] Junr. [Junior] Thomas Veal, [Macinilion?] Galvert, Joseph [Hositok?] inge, John Postlock Cornelius Calvert and Samuel [Happier?] of the county of Norfolk Gent Greeting WHEREAS in Purfuance of an Act of Affembly, made at a General-Affembly, begun and holden at the College, in the City of Williamsburg, the Twenty-Seventh Day of October, in the Twenty-second Year of his late Majesty's Reign, Annoque Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-eight, entitled, "An Act directing the Trial of Slaves committing Capital Crimes, and for the more effectual punishing Conspiracies and Insurrections of them, and for the better Government of Nogroes, Mulattoes and Indians, Bond of Free," it has been represented to me by Robert Tucker Junr [Junior]. Gentleman, Sheriff of the said County, that Pomp a negro man slave belonging to [Rioham?] Silvester is committed to and Rimain in the Common Goal of the said County on suspicion of This [being?] guilty of [Feloniously?] breaking