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American Life Insurance and Trust Company (Incorporated April 9, 1850.) [Right margin of the page] No. 3704 Premium $16.20 Sum Insured $900 This policy of insurance witnesseth: the the American Life Insurance and Trust Company, in consideration of the payment of sixteen dollars and twenty cents, and of the further premium of sixteen dollars and twenty cents to be paid annually, hereafter, to wit: on the twenty third day of April in each and every year, always in advance, during the continuance of thisPolicy do assure the life of William slave of M. F. Vaiden of [blank] county of Charles City state of Virginia in the sum of nine hundred dollars for the term of five years from the date hereof. And the said company do hereby promise and agree, well and truly to pay or cause to be paid, the said sum insures, to M. F. Vaiden his executors, and administrators, within ninety days after due notice and satisfactory proof of the death of the said slave William. Provided always, and it is hereby declared to be the true intent and meaning of this Policy, and the same is accepted by the insured upon these express conditions; that in the case the said slave William shall without the consent of this Company, previously obtained and endorsed upon this Policy, die upon the Seas, or pass beyond the settled limits of the United States, or go to any locality South of the State, in which he or she now lives or pass to, or West of the Rocky Mountains, or enter into any military or naval service whatsoever, or be employed as an Engineer or Fireman in running a Locomotive or Steam Engine or as an Officer, or Brakeman upon a Rail Road, or as an Officer, Hand, or Servant on any Steam or other Vessel, or Raft, or as a Miner, or hand in any Coal or other Mine, or in the manufacture or transportation of gunpowder, or in case he or shall become so far intemperate as to impair his or her health, or induce delirium tremens, or shall die by his or her hand, whether sane or insane, or in consequence of a duel, or by a foreign invasion, or by an insurrection, or by the neglect, abuse or maltreatment of his or her owner, or any one to whom he or shall be entrusted, or shall be laboring under any chronic disease at the time of issuing this Policy, or shall be forced, permitted or entreated by his or her owner, or by the agent of the owner, to engage in any in any combat causing his or he death, or shall abscond or be kidnapped, or shall be engaged in any more hazardous occupation or employment that that mentioned in the proposals,or in any case of any previous insurance on the life of said slave, or of any subsequent insurance without the written consent of this Company, then this Policy shall be void, null, and of no effect.