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1 In obedience to the enclosed notice and Commission I have attended on this day, to wit, Friday the 30th day of April 1824 at the Tavern of Peter Hanger Senr in the County of Augusta and between the hours of nine oclock in the morning and six in the Evening proceeded to take the following depositions which are intended to be offered as evidence in a cause now depending in the Staunton Chancery District Court between John Link Plaintiff and Peter Link Defendant - John Seawright having been first duly sworn deposeth and saith being interrogated as follows - Question by Defendants atto David W. Patteson - What do you know of the general Character of Peter Link the deft for integrity? Answer - He has sustained the character of an honest man in his neighbourhood - I have been intimately acquainted with Peter Link since the year 1807; have had frequent dealings with him, and believe he has had dealings with every person in the neighbourhood, and have never heard any complaints - Peter Link lives and has lived within three quarters of a mile of me ever since - Question by same - Has he not carried on a blacksmith shop ever since, and done a great deal of work for your self among others? Answer - He has carried on a black smith shop ever since he settled in my neighbourhood, has done some work for me and a great deal for the neighbourhood - Question by same - In settling his accounts with your-