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8 and further this deponent saith not Peter Hanger

The foregoing depositions of John Seawright, Colo James Allen, Major John Crawford, Moses Grisham, Doctor James Allen, William Wilson & Peter Hanger were taken subscribed and sworn to before me at the time and place mentioned in the Caption and in the presence of the Deft and of his atto David W Patteson Esquire - Otho H. W. Luckett Comr

Commissioners Fee 11 hours @ 62 1/2 cls is $6-87 1/2 Writing notice & Copy - 50

1 subpoena                         35

[total] $7=72 1/2 Charged to Defendant -

[vertically at right] Peter Link ado } John Link } Depositions

Returned Sealed the 3d of May 1824 -