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Mortgage paid of From{ Mr: Harlee to Mr. Savill Dale and Guny 1713 [in pencil] Harlee

[written upside down at bottom of page] Read the day and year within written by me the within named William Harlee of the within named John Savill sume of one hundred and fifty pounds being the consideration mony within mentiond to be paid to me} £150 Wm. Harlee Test Jo. Freman Jo. Dobie Jun Char: Gray Sealed and delivered (being first duly stampd) in the prsense of [no?] Jo: Freman Jo: Dobie Jun Char: Gray Recd the 6th Augst 1714 nine pounds for one year interest [J Jay?]} 9: Recd ye 28th July 1715 nine pounds for one years interest for wh my son gave a receite for [J Jay?]} 9.-.or Recd the 5th July 1716 nine pounds for one years interest} 9: