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by the charter and laws of that our colony allowed and directed to be made, and as were by us permitted to be made, before the instruction to Robert Hunter aforesaid; provided due care be taken that in all such grants hereafter to be made, regard be had to the profitable and unprofitable acres; and particularly that every pantentee be obliged in the best and most effectual manner to cultivate and improve three acres part of every fifty acres so granted within the term of three years after the passing of such grant, and in case of failure thereof, such grant or grants to be voyd and of none effect. And the said Lord Commissioners having humbly offered that her maty would be pleased to permit the assembly of that colony to enact the said instructions [illegible] a law; her maty with the advice of her privy council approving the same is pleased to order as it is hereby ordered that the right honble the Lord Dartmouth her Mat's principal secretary of state do [illegible] her mat's allowance and permission for passing the said law accordingly William Blathway