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Correspondence with me by a treaty messenger 3 Now the great matter in consideration is with ye brethren how to strenthen themselfs and weaken your enemy, my opinion, yt ye brethren should send messengers to ye Ottowawa’s and Twich Twichs and ye further Indians and some of ye prisoners of those nations if any you have left to bury the hatchets and to make a covenant chain, and that they may putt away all the French yt are amongst them, and yt ye will open a path for them this way, they bring ye king of England subjects likewise, only ye French have been admitted to trade with them (for all yt ye French have in Camda they had it of ye great king of England) that by that means they may come here freely where they may have every thing cheeper then among ye French They paying you an acknowledgment yearly for ye [paper missing- illegible] yt [ye?] and they John togetheragainst ye French and make so from a league that whoever is enemy to one must be so to both 4 Another thing of concern is, that you ought to doe what you can to open a path for all ye North Indians and Mahikanders that are att Ottowawa and further nations, and I will endvor to doe ye same to bring them home, for they not dareing to come home your way and ye French on ye other hand striveing to keep them there on purpose to joyn with these further nations against you for your destruction, and you know yt