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Answer of the Maquase, Oneydes, Onnondaqes, Cayouges, Ans Sinnokes, Sachims to his Exeye, the governours propositions made to them yesterday att the citty hall of Albany the sixth day of August [illegible] 1687 [Annogs?] Rogni Regis Jacobi Secundi Angt [Cr?] [tortro?] Interpreted by Akus [page missing, illegible] enolise First the speaker being a Maquase called Sindachsogio made a speek to the Sachims of all the nations and putt them in minde of what was proposed to them yesterday by his Exeye [contouring?] the meanes prescribed for the strentheneing of them and the weakeneing of their enemies and how convenient it wold bee for them not to make any peace without his Exeye and what bad success that unlucky peace had, that they made three years agoo with the strenth near to Onnendage upon their heads notwithstanding their being [thargod?] to the contrary by his Exeye and how they now feel the smart of it and alsoo repeated the great reason his Exeye had to chide them for the mischiefe done in Virginia, now they are very sencible that promising will not doo without a performance and that they all know, wee have unanimously concluded that no partyes whatsoever shall goe our that way for the future, if they doe, and any mischeefe happen to any of the kings subjects every body in particular that has a hand in it shall answer for it wee Sachims will not concerne ourselves any more to speak in their behalfes The said Maquase Sachim called Sindachsegie made a speech to his Exeye the govern[illegible- page missing] in the behalf of all the free nations and answered the proposition thus Wee have understood your exeyes proposition yesterday and amongst other things wee finde that your Exeye is very desirous to know what provocation wee have given to the French to