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Agoo some of the [Smnekes?] and some of the Onnendages went aboard of a French Bark att Onijagaro that was come to trade there and took out of the said Bark a cask of brandy and cutt the cable, this was done in the government of Sir Edmund Andross three years before the peace was made with the French who gave orders not to suffer any French to trade there, since which peace made as aforesaid wee have given the French no provocation onely wee doo acknowledge, about a yeare agoo there was a French man called Grand amazon with his partner came to a place called Aquarage near to Onjagaro where some of [paper missing- illegible] [nnekes?] and of the Onnendages took a hundred bevers from him hee having no passe [north?] from his Exeye the governour nor from the governour of Camda, in dooing of which wee have only obeyed his Exeyes orders who told us to lay hands upon all people that came in any parte of the King of Englands territoryes, without such passe; and the governour of Camda hath often told us that if any of his people came here towards Albany to trade that wee should plunder them butt this cannott bee the quarrell since wee gave the said 100 bevers back again; the only reason as wee imagine makes the French quarrell with us is that wee have given our lands and submitted our selves to the King of England, which wee confirmed solemnly when the governour of Virginia was with you here, it is true wee warr with the farr nations of Indians because they kill our people and take them prisoners when wee goo a bever hunting, and it is our custom amongst Indians to warr with one aneother but what has the Christians to doo with that to joyne either with one side or other, O bretheren you tell us the King of England is a very Great King, and why should you not joyne with us in a just cause when the French joyne with our enemyes in an unjust cause, O bretheren wee see the reason of this for the French wold faine kill us all, and when that is done they wold carry all the bever trade to Camda, and the Great King of England wold loose the land likewise, and therefore O great sachim beyond the Great Lakes awake, and suffer