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Whereas his Majtie kinge Charles ye seconde of Ever Blessed Memory by his Lettrs. patts. under ye Broade Seale of England bearinge date att Westminster ye Eight day of May in ye one & twentieth yeare of his Reigne Anno Domn 1669 his Majtie was graciously pleased to give & grant & confirme unto Henry [illegible] Earle of St. Albans John Lord Berkley Sr Wm Morton Knt [illegible] & John [Trekey?] Esqr their heires & assignes All that Entire Tracte Territory or parcell of Lande Lyeing and beinge Betweene ye two Rivers of Rappahanock and Potomack and ye Courses of ye said Rivers & ye bay of Chesapeake, as by ye said Grant, Recourse beinge thereunto will more att Large & whereas all ye right & Title of in & to ye said Lands & prmisses Is by deed & other Sufficient Conveyances in ye Lands Conveyed, & made over to Thomas Lord Cullpeper Eldest Sonne, and heir of John Late Lord Cullpeper his heires & assignes for ever who is thereby become sole owner and propriator of ye said Lande in fee simple, And Whereas his Majtie Kinge James ye Second hath been graciously pleased by his Letters Pattents bearinge date att Westminster ye twenty seaventh day of September, 1688 & in ye fourth yeare of his majties Reigne to Confirme, ye said Grant for ye said Tract or parcell of Lande, to ye said Thomas Lord Cullpeper his heires & assignes for ever as by ye said Grant relacon beinge thereunto had will more at Large appeare, And ye said Thomas Lord Cullpeper beinge since decd all ye right title and Interest of in & to ye said Tract of Lande, Lawfully descendinge on ye honorable [mrs?] Katherine Cullpeper [sole?] daughter & heire of ye said Thomas Late Lord Cullpeper & Alex: Cullpeper Esqr who cometh in par [prpriator?] by Lawfull Conveyance from Thomas Late Lord Cullpeper & Confirmed by ye said Mrs Katherine Cullpeper who are thereby now become ye true & Lawfull propriators of ye said Tract or Territory And Whereas ye said propriators have thought fitt under their handes & seales, to depute me Phill Ludwell Esqr wth full & Lawfull power & authority to act in ye prmisses pursuant to ye powers granted by their said Majties as full & amply to all Intents & purposes as they ye said propriators themselves might or Could doe, if they were psonally prsent Now, know ye Therefore that I ye said Phill Ludwell Esqr. by ye power & authority to me given & Granted as aforesaid doe hereby under ye Condicons & promises hereafter menconed Convey make over and Confirme unto [blank] a certaine tract or parcell of Land Lyeinge & beinge in ye County of [blank] Conteyninge [blank] acres of Lande & bounded as followith (viz) Beginninge att [blank] Together wth all Woods Waters Timber & other Trees wth all profitts Commodities Enolumts & heriditamts whatsoever to ye said Land belonging or in any wise appertaining wth all Rights & priviledges of Hawking Hunting ffishing & ffowling wth all Mines & Mineralls on ye said Land Excepting one fifth part of all Gold Oare, or Gold Mines & one [tenth?] part of all Silver Mines or Silver Oare ariseing or that shall hereafter be found on ye said Land Reserved by his Majtie and also reserved to & for ye use of ye propriators their heires & assignes one fourth part of all Gold Mines or Gold Oare & one fifth part of all Silver Mines or Silver oares as aforesaid besides what his Majtie. Excepted & reserved Together wth one Third part of all Tinn Copper Iron Lead Cole mines or oare that shall be found as afroresaid To Have, Hold & peceably to possess occupie & Enjoy all and Singular ye before recited prmisses, & all & Singular ye Rights members & Appurtenances thereto belonging to him ye said [blank] his heires & assignes for Ever, Yeelding & paying yearley to ye said propriators their heires & assignes for Ever ye Sume of Two Shillings Sterl money for Every hundred Acres hereby Granted ye wch payment to bee made from yeare to yeare & every yeare att or upon ye ffeast Day of St Michaell ye Archangell after upon all demandes Either in money Sterlg as abovesaid or in good Spanish money after ye Rate of five shillings for a peece of Eight or in Case money Cannot be had in as good Tobacco as any is or shall [bee?], [made/pade?] upon ye said Lande, wth Caske, after ye Rate ye quitt Rents now are or shall hereafter bee paid in ye other parts of Virga. as alsoe well & truely paying after ye rate of ffive shillings as a fine for every hundred acres, for all quantities of Lande, that shall be taken up above one hundred acres to six hundred acres, for all quantities of Lande above six hundred Acres after ye rate of Tenn Shillings for every hundred acres, The wch money is to be paid wthin six moneths, after ye Signing Sealing & delivering ye Conveyance for ye same either in money Sterlg, Spanish money after ye rate of ffive shillings a peece of Eight, or in good Tobacco, after ye Rate of Six Shillings pr hundred, allwaies provided if ye quitt rents above menconed of two shillings pr hundred Acres, or ye fines for Lands hereby Granted shall be Either omitted or Refused to bee paid by or for ye space of two whole yeares That then it shall & may bee Lawfull for ye said propriators their heires or Assignes to [Reenter?] & take possession of ye said Land, without, ye hindrance or Molestacon of any prson or persons soe neglecting or refuseing to pay ye said quitt Rents or fine as abovesaid, And Lastly it is provided that it shall & may bee Lawfull for ye proprietors their heires or assignes att any time to admeasure ye Land hereby granted whereby ye true Contents thereof may be knowne, all wch dues being well & truely paid & all other Clauses & provisoes herein menconed & performed The said [blank] shall & may by force & virtue of these prsents from time to time & att all times for ever hereafter Lawfully peaceabely & quietly have hold use occupy Enjoy & possesse ye said Lande & other the above bargained prmisses wth ye appurtenances unto ye onley proper use & behoofe of the said [blank] his heires & assignes for ever wthout any Lawfull Lett suit trouble or disturbance of or from them ye said propriators their heires or assignes or either of them or by their or either of their meanes consent or procuremt.