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Whereas his majtie kings Harlee ye seconds of ever blessed memory by his L.H. [illegible] under ye broade seale of England baring and date att Wistminster ye right day of May in ye one and twentieth year of his reign anno Aaron 1669 his majtie was graciously pleased to give and grant and confirm unto Henry [illegible] of St. Albans John Lord [Berkle?] ye Sr Wm Morton [illegible] and John [Illegible] esqs their heirs and assigned [per?] that’s entire tracts territory on [illegible] of land and lyeing and binge between ye two rivers of Rappahanock and Potomack and ye courses of ye said rivers and ye bay of Chesapeake as by ye said Grant ye Course beinge there unto will [more?] att large and where as all ye right to title of in and to ye said land and [illegible] is by said and other sufficient conveyances in ye land is conveyed, and made over to Thomas Lord Cullpeper eldest sonne, and heir of of John [illegible] Lord Cullpeper his heires and assignes for ever who is there by become sole owner and propriator of ye said lande in [said?] sample, and whereas his majtie kinge James ye second hath been graciously pleased by his letters in cottents bearinge date att Westminster ye twenty seaventh day of September, 1688 and in ye fourth yeare of his majties reigne to confirme, ye said grant for ye said tract or parcell of lande, to ye said Thomas Lord Cullpeper his heires and assignes for ever was by ye said grant [relacon?] beinge these into had will more at large appeare, and ye said Thomas Lord Cullpeper beinge since decd all ye rights title and