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[at top, added later in pencil] Oct 1696

Whereas for a Continuall Supply of the Ministrey for the Church of Virga: for the Pious Education of Youth in Morality and good Learning and for the Ppogation [Propagation] of the Xtian faith in the West Indies Proposions [Propositions] have been made by Certain Psons [Persons] piously Inclined for the Founding and Erecting a Colledge or place of Universall Study within this Dominion of Virga. Psuent [Pursuant] to which Said proposcons [propositions] Certain briefs were at Severall times issued for subscriptions to be made of free and Vollantary Donations towards the promoteing and Carrying on so good a Work to which said Briefs or Instruments of Writeing Sevorall Psons did Subscribe for Divers Sums of Money (illegible]] and other things & did by Such Subscriptions oblige themselves their heirs Exts [Executors] and Admts [Administrators] to pay the Said Severall Sums of money [illegible] and other things in this Said Subscriptions mentioned at a time then to Come to Such Pson or Psons as by Law Should be appointed to receive the same now to the end that the building & furnishing the Said College may be Carryed out with the greater ease and Expedition and for the [text missing] of all Doubts and disputes about the Psons whom the said [text missing] Be it Enacted by the Governt and Burgesses and the Enacted [voluminous text missing] Henry Hartwell and [text missing] James Blair John [illegible] Stephen [ffonace?] and Samuell Grey Clerks John Smith Benjamin Harrison and Miles Cary Gent. Wm Randolph Esqr and Matthew Cage Gent Trustees and Founders of the College of William and Mary in Virga or the Major part of them or of the Longest Livers or the Longest Liver of them and his or their heirs Shall be and are hereby Declared to be Psons apt and Capable in Law and Sufficiently Impowered by the Charter Granted by his Psent [Present] Majtie and the [illegible] Queen of blessed memory to take and receive all Such Subscriptions or Donational as before the date of this Act by my Obligation or Subscription have been made or given towards the building Erecting and founding a Free Schoole and College within that Collony and Dominion of Virga and that in Case of Refuseall or Nonpayment of the Said Subscriptions or Donational or any part thereof by any Pson or Psons whatsoever the Said ffrancis Nicholson and the rest of the Trustees and founders afore mentoned or the major part of them or of the Longest Livers or the Longest Liver of them and his or their heirs Shall