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Whereas for a Continuall Supply of the Ministrey for the Chuch of Virga: for the Pious Education of Youth in Morality and good Learning and for the Ppogation [Propagation] of the Xtian faith in the Wes Indies Proposions [Propositions] have been made by Certain Psons [Persons] piously Inclined for the Founding and Erecting a Colledge or place of Universall Study within this Dominion of Virga. Psuent [Pursuant] to which Said proposcons [propositions] Certain briefs were at Severall [fines? fine? fined?] Youed for [International? Informational? Inscriptions?] to be made of free and Vollantary Donation towards the promote-ing and Carrying on so good a Work to which said Briefs or [Information? Instruments?] of Writeing Sevorall [illegible] did Subscribe for [illegible] [Fund?] of Money (to [be? Go?] and other things & did by Such [illegible] obliges [whomever?] their heirs [bob?] and [illegible] to pay this Said [Fevorall? Favorable?] Fund of money [to? no?] bond and other things in this Said [illegible] mentioned at a time there to Come to Such [illegible] or [illegible] as by Law Should be appointed to [illegible] the [Saint? Said?] now to the end that the building [and/plus] [fortifying?] the Said College may be [illegible] [SC? South Carolina?] [an? on?] with the greater [eats?] and in [production?] and for the [The? on?] of all Doubts and [illegible] about the [illegible] Do Be it Enacted by the Government and Burgesses and the Enacted that this May the [Governor? Government?] and [illegible] Henry [Hartwoll? Hartwell? Hartwall?] and of James Blair John [illegible] Stephen for are and [illegible] Grey Clerks John Smith [illegible] in [Hamilton?] and [illegible] [Cary?] Governor William Randolph [4th?] and Matthew Cage [Governor?] [of] [illegible] and founder of the College of William and Mary in Virginia on the May part of them or of the Longest [Livers? Livors?] or the Longest [Lover?] of them and [hub?] or those Powers Shall be and are hereby Declared to be [illegible] [apart?] and [illegible] in Law and [Suffer...?] [illegible] by the Charter Granted by this [illegible] May the and the [Case?] [illegible] of beloved memory to take and [revived? reviewed?] all Such [illegible] or Donational as before the date of this act by my Obligation or [Subobligation?] have been made or [grown?] towards the building Erecting and founding a free Schools and College within that [Collary?] and Dominion of Virginia and that in [Case?] of [illegible] or nonpayment of the Said [illegible] or Donational or any part thereof by any [illegible] or [illegible] whatsoever the Said [illegible] [illegible] and the [work?] of the [illegible] and founders afore mentioned or the major part of whom or of [this? the?]Longest Laws or the Longest [illegible] of them and his or their heirs Shall