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Whereas for a [Continual?] Supply of the [illegible] for the Chuch of Virginia for the [illegible] [Bucahor?] of Youth in Morality and good Learning and for the [Separation? Segregation?] of the Christian faith in the [West?] [Indies?] [illegible] have been made by Certain [illegible] [illegible] Inclined for the Founding and [Erecting? Electing?] a Colledge or place of [Unionfall?] Study within that Dominion of Virginia [illegible] to which Said [illegible] Certain [Governor? Government?] was at [Favorable?] [fines? fine? fined?] Youed for [International? Informational? Inscriptions?] to be made of free and Vollantary Donation towards the promote-ing and Carrying on so good a Work to which said Briefs or [Information? Instruments?] of Writeing Sevorall [illegible] did Subscribe for [illegible] [Fund?] of Money (to [be? Go?] and other things &