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Shall be and are hereby Declared and from hence forward Shall be taken and Deemed to be Psons apt and Capable in Law to sue Implead and prosecute all and every Such Pson or Psons whatsoever and to use all other Lawfull wayes and means to and for the recovery of all and every Such Subscription or Subscriptions Donation or Donations and of every part and parcell thereof as fully and amply to all moneys and purposes as if the Said obligations had been Expressly made payable to the Said ffrancis Nicholson and the rest of the Trustees & founders aforementioned or to ye majr part of them or the Longest Livers or ye Longest Liver of them or their heir or heirs in and for the uses [interests?] and purpos aforesd and after the receipt of any of ye said Subscriptions or Donations either by such Legal prosess or by Voluntary payment of any Pson or Psons or said Trustees as aforesd are hereby fully Impowered to Acquit Exonerate and Discharge all and every such Pson or Psons whatsoever of and from the said payments or payment and every pay. and [illegible] whereof and for [illegible] of all delayes in the Province of the said Subscriptions or Donations Be it [text missing] declared that all and every part and parcell of the said Subscriptions or Donations [text missing] be to the said Subjects [text missing] found [missing] and [missing] them in any Court [missing] any doubts that may arise in Construction Psent Act or any part thereof Bee it further Enacted that the aforesd heirs Exrs and Admtrs of any Pson or Psons decd who have made any of the said Subscriptions or Donations shall be and are hereby meant and intended to be held and obliged to the payment thereof as fully and firmly as any other Pson or Persons whatsoever

[vertically at left] A Bill for facilitateing the payment of the Donations to the College of William and Mary in Virginia [upside down at bottom] A bill for facilitating ye payment of ye Donations to the College of Wm & Mary in Virginia Oct. 1696