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L5555"18[illegible] sent As yesterday A message to the council by Mr. McCarly & others that the [burgs?] had agreed to the bill sent from the council entd an act for the petter securing the paymt of [illegible] and [illegible] of vagrant & idle people and for the more [effectual?] discovery & prosecution of persons having [bastard?] [children?] with the councils concurrence. And the council having considered the sd amendments the same were agreed to except the first ordd these ye Clk of the [gent?] assembly carry the sd bill & amendts [illegible] burgesses and agt [illegible] [illegible] ye council have agreed to all of amendts except the first & ordered the [Burgs?] to recede from ye amendts Adnourned till to morrow 9 oclock Saturday June 1st 1723 Present The Governor and E Jennings J Carter J Blair A Ludwell W Bassell N Harrison M Page C Diggs P Beverley & J Robinson Esqrs Ordered That thee Clerk of the Genl Assembly carry the following message from the Govr Mr. Speaker etc Upon examination of the arms in the magazine Govrs House I find great part of [im?] very much out of repair and in rs condition they now are unfitt for service. As these arms were at first given by hr Crown for defence of the country are lodged here to be ready on any sudden emergency you wll I hope concurr wth me in opinion that they be made fitt for hr publick service at hr publick charge and as I have caused a survey of them to be made I judge the sum necessary for this purpose (as near as it can be computed) may amount to one hundrd pds. And that no farther charge may accrue on this acct I have a proposal from a pson able to give L2000 securityi to help in in good order here after for the annual [illegible] now established on yr arm keep of yr magazine. This expence being so necessary for yr publick safety I doubt not you'll chearfully come into it especially wn you consider how great a charge had lately been depayed out of hr king [illegible] for batterys to defend hr [illegible] much such a supply of serviceable arms is necesary to fitt out yr [illegible] for defence of yr country. [illegible] by [illegible] & others who [illegible]