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George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith etc. To all whom those presents shall come Greeting Know ye that for ? good causes and considerations but more officially for and in consideration of the Importation of fine persons to dwell within this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia whose Names are Andrew Care, Eve Care, Adain Care, Rosanna Care, and Lawrence Care We have given granted and confirmed and by those presents for us our heirs and successors give grant and confirm unto Andrew Care one certain tract or parcel of land containing two hundred and fifty acres lying and being in the first fork of the Robinson River in the county of Spotsylvania and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at three white oaks on the pass run corner to Michael Cook and John Carpenter running thence nine degrees east ninty pole to three white oaks thence north sixty five degrees west one hundred and seventy [pole thence south forty degrees west fourteen [pole?] to a white oak hence south nine degrees west two hundred and eighteen [pole?] to two Spanish oaks and a red oak thence south fifty seven degrees east one hundred [pole?] to two hickories thence south thirty degrees east fifty [pole?] to three red oaks thence south thirty six degrees west eighth [pole?] to three red oaks at the foot of a mountain thence south thirty eight degrees east seventy pole to three red oaks on the top of the said mountain thence north sixty five degrees east forty eight [pole?] to two red oaks and a chestnut oak thence north thirty five degrees east thirty two [poles?] to three red oaks thence north sixty five degrees west thirty pole to two red oaks and a hickory corner to John Carpenter and thence with said John Carpenters lines to the beginning