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Raiford Hospital Franklin, Virginia, R. L. Raiford. M. D., Philip Jacobson, M. D., T. Addison Morgan. M. D., Morgan B. Raiford. M. D., James P. Broaddus. D. D. S., H. A. Purnell Business Manager Wednesday. Dear Fletch:- I am usimg Evelyns typewritter so anything may happen. I am getting reay to go to the house and am going by to see Joyce andK, Joyce said you wanted to know something in your letter to-day qand I will t ell her while up there. The baby is just getting along fine in every way, and growing real fast. Joyce feels so good that we have to tell her to not get so spry. I think there was five operations here yesterday, they are in the op rating room now with what they think is a ruptured appendix and then they are removing a kidney stone also this afternoon. Darden Jones has bought the Barbour house and the Simpson apartment will be vacant and I have been talking to Mrs Simpson this morning about getting it for the Smiths, Addiosn said he todl Dr Smith that they would just have to buy their furniture as there was not any furnished apartments here, he can buy it on the installment plan here as well as any place else. This Simpson place is as nice as any in town, right down on Ascond Ave. from us and aming such nice people, will be 25 a month, they will have to furnish electricty and water, but that is not much and they have hot water all the time, and fine heat in winter. You may tell Dr Smith I think I can get this, Mrs S said that the Darden Jones had not given her notice but she was expecting it any day, Mrs Jones is six months pregnant. I really think the Smiths would be fortunate to get this place. Hap just said we had had right many of the Camp-Ches. people had been in to-day. All seems to be going very well. I must stop and go to the house, am having Lige get the summer rugs down and also the drapes at the windows, putting up my new white ones and also get on the chair covers, Miss Effie will be with me this afternoon and help with the curtains. The yard is so pretty and the house will look a lot better after to-day. The picture in the paper was fine and I took it right away to Joyce. Hope to see you this weekend. With lots of love my boy, Dorie.