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lived on limeades and iced tea for a week - and innumerable dopes, of course - but I've gotten along alright - guess you'll have to put me down for a spanking on account of it, though - The week at the beach seemed short after all - There were so many things I wanted to do that I didn't get done - Didn't even get one book finished - I enjoyed playing games with the aunts and D. Julian - and playing around with Ellis and Lisee, and just enjoying talking to Mother Joy - that's the big reason I like to go down there - we have such good bull sessions - she's the grandest person in the world, and this time I had so many things I wanted to tell her! I want you to know Mother Joy and Little Auntie, and I want them to know you - M. Joy understands our job better now since I explained to her, and sees its possibilities, just as I knew she would - Boozie, I wouldn't take anything for us working together on it - I'll really feel like I'm helping you, too - I'm glad you wrote George Row - They never answered my letter, but I guess they got it - I sent them a card from the beach - I picked up some little souvenirs before we left today that I thought Dorothy and Mattie might like - So Joe broke down - I'm not surprised - And I'm glad he did - I thought there was